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Teckwin displayed TS600 in Turkey 2013-10-11


In Early October, Teckwin, together with its distributor Folpa in Turkey appeared in Turkey Advertising Exhibition, displayed TS600 UV flatbed printer.
TS600 showed incredible image precision, vibrant color gamut and advanced technology, delivered maximum value, was highly praised by customers during the show time.

TS600 features:
    More than 65ft² of bed image area
    Prints materials up to 5.9” thick!
    Prints over 10 full beds per hour
    Optional 54” roll-to-roll system
    6-color CMYK + LC LM + Wh + Varnish
    Resolution up to 800 x 1600 dpi
    Spot, in-line, over and under, white
    Powerful 8 zone vacuum drawdown
    Media loads from front or back
    Extensive pop-up pin bed registration
    Double-sided r-t-r registration system
    High performance AuroraTeck UV inks
    Specialty inks, glass, thermoform & more
    1 year full parts and service warranty
    Advanced safety systems

TS-600 produces dazzling, eye-popping graphics on a wider variety of rigid substrates. The upgradeable platform features a stationary vacuum table with a moving gantry encapsulating the scanning printhead array for exceptionally accurate and repeatable registration and imaging performance.

Engineered for reliable and continuous production, the Teckwin TS-600’s unique design enables printing of substrates up to 5.9” thick. Powerful dual vacuum motors on an 8-zone bed with an extensive pin register system help maintaining perfect registration and image fidelity. Dual UV system with shutters provides leading and trailing exposure for superior ink and substrate control. An optional fully featured 54” roll-to-roll system for flexible media is also available on the TS-600.

The vibrant and versatile Teckwin AuroraTeck UV inks provide a superior color gamut without sacrificing adhesion or flexibility. Tested and qualified on a wide variety of substrates, AuroraTeck UV inks are proven to provide superior head life at low maintenance. Varnish and specialty inks for ceramics, glass, acrylics and thermoforming are also available UV Flatbed printer needs.


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