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1. Glass
2. Signage
3. Furniture
PQ300 flatbed UV printer
UV solidification controlled by electronic ballasts:exteng UV lamp life,improve the solidification and stability.
Print head voltage independently adjustable,which could precisely control every ink dots to have a best printing performance.
High efficient smart print to improve efficiency.
Multiple white printing mode:to print white in bottom, on top and spot color
Multiple color combination and varnish printing with maximum 8 colors.
Applicable rigid material thickness up to 10 cm.

Print specification

Print Head Set

Spectra Polaris 256/15pl


7Colors or 8 Colors


720×1440 dpi

Printing Speed

Quality mode:9.1㎡/hr Production mode:19㎡/hr High speed mode:35.5㎡/hr

Print size

Max Printing Size

Board:2.44m×1.22m Width for flexible media:2.21m

Max Material Size

Board:2.5m×1.45m Width for flexible media:2.21m

Media Type

Rigid & flexible media and more


Board:≤ 100mm Flexible media:≤ 1mm

Machine description

Image File Firnat

PostScriptR3™,and EPS,TIFF,JPEG,PDF,AI(and others)

Ink Volume&Type

1Liter bulk UV ink load,automatic link level indicator,refill om the fly

Bundled Software


Printer Dimensions(L×W×H)


click to view / print pdf spec sheet
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