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Cloppenburger Glashaus GmbH
Cloppenburger Glashaus GmbH Show Room in Cloppenburg, Germany  
When Viktor Botte left his homeland of Siberia 21 years ago, he never envisioned that he would establish, own and operate a major printing facility in Cloppenburg, Germany. After more than a decadworking in the automobile glass industry, he founded “Cloppenburger Glashaus” in 2000 with a small staff. After several years of success, Viktor began searching for ways to expand his business and began looking at the grand format printing industry.In order to venture into this new industry, Viktor realized that he would have to make an investment of more than a hundred thousand Euros. This type of investment needed thorough consideration, such as production, profit margin and staffing. Viktor attended a multitude of shows, conducted numerous tests and visited several showrooms before making a decision. Finally, in 2009 he made the conclusion to purchase a TeckStorm XL from Teckwin.
  Viktor Botte, CEO and owner of Glashaus Cloppenburg presents a big glass wall with integrated side board decorated with glass   From time to time Viktor himself runs the printer  
  The Teckwin TeckStorm XL offers a print size of 2 by 3 m and inks not needing any special pre-treatment (such as priming). Thanks to a variable drop size of 8 to 40 pico-liters, even the smallest letters and finest details can be reproduced with very smooth color transitions and shapes.
White ink, standard with Teckwin systems, is available for printing of solid areas, areas with different shades and gradations, and spot areas in different densities for transparent or high density light blocks.
When printing with Teckwin UV inks, post processing at high temperatures for curing ceramic inks is not necessary. Since UV inks used with the TeckStorm behave like standard silicon, the curing process can be sped up by applying heat at about 150°C.

  TeckStorm fits harmonically in the showroom. Big sized wall panels made by glass make the work environment friendly and lightful
The TeckStorm XL has the ability to print on ceramic tiles, glass and metal. This has completely revolutionized the home design industry and made it possible to customize kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and much more. Wall panels, highly sophisticated glass doors and floor tiles for separating offices and private areas can now be printed that give the effect of wood or marble. Ceilings can be designed with integrated lights and light effects. Kitchen back-splashes, shower stalls, bar desks and even glass furniture can be made with security or laminated glass. Print on one glass plate, then laminate with a special film called PCB or EVA and place a second plate on top to create two plate security glass. The result is a quality protected print and a highly secure glass plate that can be used universally.

A remarkable new idea utilizing printed glass plates fixed one behind the other in a dedicated light box offers breath-taking impressions for high quality product promotions, weddings and special occasions.
  The UI displays the status of each function and allows a detailed controlling   In the showroom he does show a lot of different designed glass doors printes with TeckStorm XL and LOK ink  
Cloppenburger Glashaus uses three steps to produce the perfect printing on glass:
First, they choose the right glass quality. For standard applications for use in private areas (furniture, etc), float glass can be sourced from any glass shop with varying sizes and thicknesses rather inexpensively. For printing on float glass it is important to use the correct side since floating glass has both normal and a thin side. For use in public areas and places where special protection against crashes must be warranted, safety glass or laminated glass must be used.
Next, they look at the image. If white ink is needed usually some extra preparation has to be done. The staff at Cloppenburger Glashaus is extremely knowledgeable and will either offer you support or do the job for you.
Finally, they check color resistance, operating conditions, etc. They determine whether there is a need for post processing, coating, placing in a frame or lamination.
Whatever desires or expectations you may have, the extensive experience and professional courtesy that Cloppenburger Glashaus offers make them the ideal partner and supplier for architects, home builders, artists and many more in Cloppenburg and beyond.
  The printing area is separetd from the showroom by a big glass plate   A light box equipped with several printed glass plates in different levels give a real special presentation of unforgettable moments, gives a real 3D feeling and are suited for special high quality presentation, art, etc.   Fine details and smooth color shades will be even more supported when printed on glass.
Thanks to white ink and high color density high quality products and details can be presented in an adequate, high quality way

  A light box integrated in the ceiling does allow a complete new feeling of width and height   Design ideas for kitchen walls, bar walls and counters, will give new impulses to viewers for redesigning their own home  
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